St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón on prayer

I imagine all humanity in a great valley…immense and filled with sunlight. All people are in it, coming and going, moving and shouting… God is atop a mountain, from which he reigns over the valley, which is more immense than the sea… The men and women who are in it see the summit of theContinue reading “St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón on prayer”

Best of 2018

To close out the year, here are some of the things I most enjoyed in 2018! (Find previous years here.) Books The Master Butchers Singing Club by Louise Erdrich Dom Casmurro by Machado de Assis Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud The Polemics of Possession in Spanish American Narrative by Rolena Adorno Bad Blood: SecretsContinue reading “Best of 2018”

Teaching Transcription (and Secretly Metaphysics)

As part of the Praxis program’s unit on pedagogy, each member of the cohort has developed a low-tech workshop on a digital humanities topic. Mine focuses on print-to-digital transcription, and the materials are freely available here: lesson plan and slides. At the link above, I share some reflections on how I came to this topicContinue reading “Teaching Transcription (and Secretly Metaphysics)”

Best of 2017

As in years past (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), here are some of the things I enjoyed this year (inspired by Eve Tushnet’s annual list). Best non-fiction read for the first time Christian Texts for Aztecs by Jaime Lara: an academic-press glossy-paged wonder of a history that involves feathered sanctuaries and sunburst monstrances and is the coffee-table bookContinue reading “Best of 2017”

veni, sponsa Christi

Veni sponsa Christi, accipe coronam quam tibi Dominus praeparavit in aeternum pro cujus amore sanguinem tuum fudisti et cum Angelis in paradisum introisti. Veni, electa mea, et ponam in te thronum meum quia concupivit Rex speciem tuam. Come, bride of Christ, receive the crown which the Lord has prepared for you for all eternity; forContinue reading “veni, sponsa Christi”

on Beyoncé and Maradona

When Beyoncé donned her glorious Madonna/Lady Liberty/Oshun/Yemoja-inspired attire, my first thought was actually of this:  David Diehl (Truly, she is all things to all people.) A little context. It is hard to overstate how beloved Diego Armando Maradona was in Naples circa 1987. He was the local soccer club’s star striker, even more brilliant atContinue reading “on Beyoncé and Maradona”


we teach the future and the conditional together;this is a fatal mistake. they have shared irregular’s supposed to make it easier to learn(like it’s easier to memorize countries alphabetically,but this does not teach you geography). but of course, there is no way to make this easy:either you have a future or you know whatContinue reading “future-in-the-past”

creativity metaphysics on Doughty Street

London is such a compost pile of history that it is not particularly impressive to say a thing like I used to be neighbors with Charles Dickens, because who isn’t somebody’s neighbor in London, and who isn’t somebody’s neighbor anywhere, anyway? But when I lived a few blocks from that little house-museum, I lived anContinue reading “creativity metaphysics on Doughty Street”

Invocation of Tezcatlipoca

O master, O our lord, the city is as a baby, a child. Perhaps it has heard, perhaps it has exhorted itself, perhaps of its own accord it has tugged at its flank, at its ear. Perhaps it has reflected as much. Perhaps of its own accord it has punished itself, castigated itself, perhaps itContinue reading “Invocation of Tezcatlipoca”

“Go to church, because there you will feel real alarm”

We cannot see the Church as a sort of aesthetic perfection and limit ourselves to aesthetics swooning — our God-given freedom calls us to activity and struggle. And it would be a great lie to tell searching souls: ‘Go to church, because there you will find peace.’ The opposite is true. She tells those whoContinue reading ““Go to church, because there you will feel real alarm””

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