self-preservation is craft

Self-preservation is not instinct to me. It is craft. When I make seventy-five pierogi at once it says your sustenance is worth dedicating five hours to. It says here, you don’t have to find strength to cook dinner for the next two weeks. It says you are worth preserving. Even if it is the littlest,Continue reading “self-preservation is craft”

Celebrating American Catholics

In his remarks to Pope Francis at Independence Hall, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia name-dropped Alexander Hamilton in praising the contributions of immigrants to the nation’s civic fabric. It may have been a coincidence that Hamilton was mentioned just as so many people are discovering his story for the first time through the popular musical,Continue reading “Celebrating American Catholics”

magnolias can bloom

This is a picture of what I thought, until today, all magnolias looked like. It’s a magnolia grandiflora, or the Southern magnolia as it’s mostly called, native to the southeastern United States. The one that was in my backyard in Alexandria, Virginia, until I was eleven or so, was probably among the northernmost. And IContinue reading “magnolias can bloom”

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