Cartas de América #5: one hundred years of my problematic fave

“You’ve done in about forty-five minutes what it took literary critics years of arguing to solve,” I told them. “Magical realism” is a marketing term more than anything, but my students got what García Márquez was getting at in the course of a paragraph. Take something wild and tell it truthfully, as if it wereContinue reading “Cartas de América #5: one hundred years of my problematic fave”

today in language is never just grammar

1. In Quechua there is no naturally occurring word for “to have, to possess,” so when the Spanish came and introduced money, they had to mangle their word for “to be” into a possessive. DO YOU EVER METAPHOR SO HARD 2. There is a specific word in Quechua for men with large beards (chhapu), whichContinue reading “today in language is never just grammar”

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