my completely unsolicited opinion on your world cup experience

Even my compatriots who are least interested in soccer can get excited about it once every four years, but since the U.S. team didn’t qualify for the men’s tournament this round, I’m hearing many of them eyeroll and defect. Do not despair, for not only does this country already have three World Cups to itsContinue reading “my completely unsolicited opinion on your world cup experience”

on Beyoncé and Maradona

When Beyoncé donned her glorious Madonna/Lady Liberty/Oshun/Yemoja-inspired attire, my first thought was actually of this:  David Diehl (Truly, she is all things to all people.) A little context. It is hard to overstate how beloved Diego Armando Maradona was in Naples circa 1987. He was the local soccer club’s star striker, even more brilliant atContinue reading “on Beyoncé and Maradona”


we teach the future and the conditional together;this is a fatal mistake. they have shared irregular’s supposed to make it easier to learn(like it’s easier to memorize countries alphabetically,but this does not teach you geography). but of course, there is no way to make this easy:either you have a future or you know whatContinue reading “future-in-the-past”

Best of 2015

As in years past (best of 2013, best of 2014), I’d like to share some of the things I enjoyed this year, based on Eve Tushnet’s annual list. Best non-fiction read for the first time The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia by James C. Scott The Book ofContinue reading “Best of 2015”

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