St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón on prayer

I imagine all humanity in a great valley…immense and filled with sunlight. All people are in it, coming and going, moving and shouting… God is atop a mountain, from which he reigns over the valley, which is more immense than the sea… The men and women who are in it see the summit of theContinue reading “St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón on prayer”

praying with anxiety

One of the spiritual benefits of an anxiety disorder is that “pray without ceasing” actually seems kind of doable. You just have to trick yourself into it. If you have a brain like mine you know it’s really loud in here. There’s just constant chatter. This is generally characterized as an “internal monologue,” but like manyContinue reading “praying with anxiety”

Invocation of Tezcatlipoca

O master, O our lord, the city is as a baby, a child. Perhaps it has heard, perhaps it has exhorted itself, perhaps of its own accord it has tugged at its flank, at its ear. Perhaps it has reflected as much. Perhaps of its own accord it has punished itself, castigated itself, perhaps itContinue reading “Invocation of Tezcatlipoca”

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