Folk Phenomenology, ep. 7: “Translation with Catherine Addington”

I was honored to be interviewed by Sam Rocha for his podcast Folk Phenomenology, where we discussed translation, sanctity, Spanglishes, and (controversy alert) why Don Quixote is funnier in English. Take a listen here, and check out my supplementary thread of reading recommendations here.

The Antics of the Turnips | Commonweal Magazine

Let us make the most of the little things in our everyday life, our ordinary life…. There is no need to do great things to become great saints. Making the little things great is enough. In the world, people waste many opportunities, but the world is distracting…. It is worth just as much to loveContinue reading “The Antics of the Turnips | Commonweal Magazine”

St. Dymphna’s Playbook, Ep. 59

I was so grateful to be invited onto St. Dymphna’s Playbook, a Catholic podcast about mental health and holiness, this week to introduce listeners to St. Rafael Arnáiz. His struggles with chronic illness and vocational discernment have so much to teach us today. (The clip starts at 5:24!) St. Dymphna’s Playbook, Ep. 59

Clase magistral: «Sin compasión del delicado sexo»

Today I became a PhD candidate after passing my comprehensive exams! As part of the process, we generally give talks on our research to the department—but since we have to give virtual presentations this time around, now you can watch it too. In this talk, I discuss representations of Chinese laywomen in a Spanish missionaryContinue reading “Clase magistral: «Sin compasión del delicado sexo»”

“Is it not enough, Lord, that the world has us locked up?”

As Teresa de Ávila edited her Camino de perfección (The Way of Perfection), she crossed out a passage in chapter three, that nevertheless remains legible in the manuscript. She had been exhorting her sisters to be constant and persistent in prayer, both for the world’s sake and for their own, remembering that the Lord wasContinue reading ““Is it not enough, Lord, that the world has us locked up?””

Unmagical Realism | Commonweal Magazine

I reviewed a new anthology of Gabriel García Márquez’s nonfiction for Commonweal: His role as a publisher and editor was so important to him that, as he famously said, “I do not want to be remembered for One Hundred Years of Solitude, nor for the Nobel Prize, but for the newspapers.” Perhaps fortunately for GarcíaContinue reading “Unmagical Realism | Commonweal Magazine”

liturgical syntax errors

At the Hirshhorn that afternoon I touched my hands to glowing glass sensors that converted my pulse into ripples across a shallow pool. Soft blue lighting turned these streams into a play of light across the wall, interrupted or completed by the silhouettes of passing museumgoers. It’s impossible to know how much of the lightContinue reading “liturgical syntax errors”

Teaching Transcription (and Secretly Metaphysics)

As part of the Praxis program’s unit on pedagogy, each member of the cohort has developed a low-tech workshop on a digital humanities topic. Mine focuses on print-to-digital transcription, and the materials are freely available here: lesson plan and slides. At the link above, I share some reflections on how I came to this topicContinue reading “Teaching Transcription (and Secretly Metaphysics)”

Building Ourselves Up to Build Things

you know when you’re trying to make a thing on the internet, and the platform you’re using is free so you can’t complain, but the very simple thing you want isn’t built in so you groan and click “source” to examine the HTML only to see endless <span> and <div> tags that are out toContinue reading “Building Ourselves Up to Build Things”

it’s not just work

Last year I wrote a piece called “It’s just work” about how I manage grad school and its tendency to expand to fill all my time. I was reminded of that piece recently after a conversation I had with a Dominican priest, who remarked that one of the ways religious life works is that itContinue reading “it’s not just work”

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