Cristiane Sobral, “I Won’t Wash the Dishes Anymore”

I won’t wash the dishes anymore Or dust the furniture I’m sorry I’ve begun to read The other day I opened a book and a week later I decided I won’t carry the trash out to the trash bin Or clean up the mess of leaves falling in the yard I’m sorry After reading IContinue reading “Cristiane Sobral, “I Won’t Wash the Dishes Anymore””

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz on Saint Catherine of Alexandria

De una Mujer se convencen todos los Sabios de Egipto, para prueba de que el sexo no es esencia en lo entendido. ¡Víctor, víctor! Prodigio fue, y aun milagro; pero no estuvo el prodigio en vencerlos, sino en que ellos se den por vencidos. ¡Víctor, víctor! ¡Qué bien se ve que eran Sabios en confesarseContinue reading “Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz on Saint Catherine of Alexandria”

A.E. Stallings, “Amateur Iconography: Resurrection”

Jesus is back—he’s harvesting the dead. He’s pulling them up out of the dirt like leeks— By the scruff of the neck, by the wispy hair on the head, Like bulbs in darkness sallowly starting to grow From deep down in the earth where the lost things go— Keys and locks, small change, old hinges,Continue reading “A.E. Stallings, “Amateur Iconography: Resurrection””

Jorge Manrique, “Coplas a la muerte de su padre”

¿Qué se hizo el rey don Juan? Los infantes de Aragón, ¿qué se hizieron? ¿Qué fue de tanto galán? ¿Qué fue de tanta invención como traxieron? Las justas y los torneos, paramentos, bordaduras y cimeras ¿fueron sino devaneos? ¿Qué fueron sino verduras de las heras? Jorge Manrique, Coplas a la muerte de su padre / VersesContinue reading “Jorge Manrique, “Coplas a la muerte de su padre””


we teach the future and the conditional together;this is a fatal mistake. they have shared irregular’s supposed to make it easier to learn(like it’s easier to memorize countries alphabetically,but this does not teach you geography). but of course, there is no way to make this easy:either you have a future or you know whatContinue reading “future-in-the-past”

Holy Thursday

Tonight it was preached:Never leave without saying I love you, because this is what they will remember. Thirty years of Christ had gone by, and we remember next to nothing. Then this. This is how Jesus of Nazareth spends his last days: He washes the feet of his friends,even the one he knows will sellContinue reading “Holy Thursday”

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