Folk Phenomenology, ep. 7: “Translation with Catherine Addington”

I was honored to be interviewed by Sam Rocha for his podcast Folk Phenomenology, where we discussed translation, sanctity, Spanglishes, and (controversy alert) why Don Quixote is funnier in English. Take a listen here, and check out my supplementary thread of reading recommendations here.

Episode 29: Our Lady of Guadalupe (with Catherine Addington)

As guest star supreme, Catherine Addington, tells us, Our Lady of Guadalupe is “a thing that is both.” Mexican and Catholic, native and foreign, we dive deep into a story of devotion, roses, snake skirts, widowers, adult-born gods, human sacrifice, and the power of very pious grandmas. Stick around for some hot takes on mythology-inspiredContinue reading “Episode 29: Our Lady of Guadalupe (with Catherine Addington)”

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