Hamilton at the Public

I’ve had this in my drafts for over a month because I’ve been thinking that long about how to convey how much this means to me, but I can’t, so I’ll just list a couple of details. A few days into previews for Hamilton at The Public, a show that has been so ravely reviewed thatContinue reading “Hamilton at the Public”

Best of 2014

Once again, I’m jumping on Eve Tushnet’s “best-of” train. Here’s the best of the books, movies, etc. I enjoyed this year! I already made a post about the best books I read this year, but I’ll be brief here: the best non-fiction I read this year was David Goldblatt’s The Ball Is Round and theContinue reading “Best of 2014”

another round of goodbyes

You’re hard-pressed to find any Italians in Little Italy, which as we all know is just a differently decorated part of Chinatown where the most spoken language is actually Spanish and nobody seems to understand how sidewalks work. But there’s a beaten tin café on Mulberry Street where an old Italian man boxes up cheesecakesContinue reading “another round of goodbyes”

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