some Lenten considerations

As someone who has tended toward scrupulosity in the past, I’ve found it helpful to distinguish what the Church actually asks of us during Lent (fasting-if-you-can, prayer, and almsgiving) from popular tradition (“giving up X for Lent”). For the sake of not getting lost in my own thoughts, I wanted to put together a littleContinue reading “some Lenten considerations”

the only defense of daylight savings time is liturgical

The poor robins have been roped into observing Lent with us. Spring is already and not-yet the way salvation is, and it is cold now, in a rude shift that feels personal. Mass is earlier than it was before, and darker. The church is sparse with reset alarms. Our Christ is blue with the mountains. Only myContinue reading “the only defense of daylight savings time is liturgical”

on fasting

He, therefore, who eats and cannot fast, let him display richer almsgiving, let him pray more, let him have a more intense desire to hear divine words. St. John Chrysostom, “On Fasting” Fasting seasons like Lent can be really difficult for Christians in recovery from eating disorders, or with body-image issues in general. I really likedContinue reading “on fasting”

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