on Beyoncé and Maradona

When Beyoncé donned her glorious Madonna/Lady Liberty/Oshun/Yemoja-inspired attire, my first thought was actually of this:  David Diehl (Truly, she is all things to all people.) A little context. It is hard to overstate how beloved Diego Armando Maradona was in Naples circa 1987. He was the local soccer club’s star striker, even more brilliant atContinue reading “on Beyoncé and Maradona”

The politics and poetry of Copa América Centenario

It’s true that a non-South American country has never hosted, and that the choice of the United States couldn’t be more loaded. But as we will see, poetic cash grabs are the American way. I’m at Unusual Efforts dissecting the symbolism of the South American championship being held in the United States. ⚽ (Rejected title:Continue reading “The politics and poetry of Copa América Centenario”

The Mythical Founding of Club Atlético Independiente

At first the group met in the Degiorgi family’s home in upscale Recoleta, but decided to officially establish the club at the Monserrat home of another early member, Daniel Bevilacqua, on January 1, 1905. The club’s immediate orders of business were to elect a first president (the commanding, mustachioed goalkeeper Arístides Langone); select their colorsContinue reading “The Mythical Founding of Club Atlético Independiente”

Dios y los Diez: The Mythologization of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi in Contemporary Argentina

Argentine soccer players Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi have been subject to similar cultural phenomena, from national identity politics to Catholic imagery, despite wildly contrasting personal contexts. Their subjection to the tropes in question is not an overwhelming natural outpouring of the sport, the country, or the players themselves, but a function of cultural expressionContinue reading “Dios y los Diez: The Mythologization of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi in Contemporary Argentina”


CD Palestino vs Santiago Wanderers Estadio Municipal La Cisterna, Santiago de Chile (x) “Porque de Oriente nos llega la luz.” That’s the motto of Club Deportivo Palestino, a first-division soccer team based in Santiago de Chile — a Spanish translation of ex oriente, lux. As a rule, I happen to agree. I was one ofContinue reading “TINO-TINO-TINO! PA-LE-STI-NO-DE-CHI-LE!”

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