‘Jane the Virgin’ offers a refreshing look into Christian sexuality

The reason Danny doesn’t work, and Jane does, is that Danny Castellano’s character is about being Catholic. Jane simply is Catholic. This is also true of her ethnicity: Her character is not about being Latina, she simply is. “Jane the Virgin” does not understand itself to be “the Catholic show” any more than it understandsContinue reading “‘Jane the Virgin’ offers a refreshing look into Christian sexuality”

on the move

A friend has a theory about Cracker Barrels. There can’t possibly be that many, so immaculately alike, Room-of-Requirement-esque in their ability to appear at the precise moment of need for sustenance on long stretches of green and gray nothing, providing exactly what every American didn’t know they were craving until they step in the door—butterContinue reading “on the move”

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