my completely unsolicited opinion on your world cup experience

Even my compatriots who are least interested in soccer can get excited about it once every four years, but since the U.S. team didn’t qualify for the men’s tournament this round, I’m hearing many of them eyeroll and defect. Do not despair, for not only does this country already have three World Cups to itsContinue reading “my completely unsolicited opinion on your world cup experience”

DC United is more than just a name – it should be the goal for the future

People not from here don’t often internalize that “Washington, DC” is a list, not a place name. “Washington” is the government. “The District” is where hundreds of thousands of people live their lives. I, for one, still think it’s meaningful that the club is called DC United. Not Washington, like all the other local teams,Continue reading “DC United is more than just a name – it should be the goal for the future”

The politics and poetry of Copa América Centenario

It’s true that a non-South American country has never hosted, and that the choice of the United States couldn’t be more loaded. But as we will see, poetic cash grabs are the American way. I’m at Unusual Efforts dissecting the symbolism of the South American championship being held in the United States. ⚽ (Rejected title:Continue reading “The politics and poetry of Copa América Centenario”


CD Palestino vs Santiago Wanderers Estadio Municipal La Cisterna, Santiago de Chile (x) “Porque de Oriente nos llega la luz.” That’s the motto of Club Deportivo Palestino, a first-division soccer team based in Santiago de Chile — a Spanish translation of ex oriente, lux. As a rule, I happen to agree. I was one ofContinue reading “TINO-TINO-TINO! PA-LE-STI-NO-DE-CHI-LE!”

Why World Cup Culture Wars Vindicate American Soccer

As more Americans than ever tuned in to watch the World Cup over the past few weeks, the American media’s quadrennial habit of analyzing soccer’s place in the country raged on. Cranky right-wingers, embodied by Ann Coulter’s now-infamous ramble, put forth common criticisms of soccer: it has an insufficient gender gap, allows scoreless ties, prohibits using hands, isContinue reading “Why World Cup Culture Wars Vindicate American Soccer”

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