“Not theory, but testimony.”

Today we need prophecy, but real prophecy: not fast talkers who promise the impossible, but testimonies that the Gospel is possible. […] It makes me sad when I hear someone say, ‘We want a prophetic Church.’ All right. But what are you doing, so that the Church can be prophetic? We need lives that showContinue reading ““Not theory, but testimony.””

Querida Amazonia

It is well known that, ever since the final decades of the last century, the Amazon region has been presented as an enormous empty space to be filled, a source of raw resources to be developed, a wild expanse to be domesticated. None of this recognizes the rights of the original peoples; it simply ignoresContinue reading “Querida Amazonia”

“God wants to speak to the world by your life”

My friend Peter asked Twitter today about our favorite encyclicals (and graciously let apostolic exhortations count too). This led me to reread my favorite, Gaudete et exsultate, which Pope Francis shared last year. As I’ve continued to immerse myself in the writings of St. Rafael Arnáiz, I’ve continued to struggle with his words and actionsContinue reading ““God wants to speak to the world by your life””

Discurso de Papa Francisco con jóvenes argentinos

Rio de Janeiro, 25 de julio de 2013 Gracias, gracias, por estar hoy aquí,  por haber venido. Gracias a los que están adentro  y muchas gracias a los que están afuera, a los 30 mil me dicen que hay afuera. Desde acá los saludo, están bajo la lluvia. Gracias por el gesto de acercarse, graciasContinue reading “Discurso de Papa Francisco con jóvenes argentinos”

Celebrating American Catholics

In his remarks to Pope Francis at Independence Hall, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia name-dropped Alexander Hamilton in praising the contributions of immigrants to the nation’s civic fabric. It may have been a coincidence that Hamilton was mentioned just as so many people are discovering his story for the first time through the popular musical,Continue reading “Celebrating American Catholics”

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