Hypervisible Church | Catherine Addington

This is not how Christians in the West expect martyrdom to be. The murder of a priest in the middle of Mass seems like it should entail an intensely personal narrative. One like the story of Thomas Becket, who made an enemy of the king and his knights, or of Oscar Romero, who did theContinue reading “Hypervisible Church | Catherine Addington”

Katharine Drexel: the American missionary

Our country’s pain these days isn’t necessarily on the same scale, but it rhymes with Katharine’s America in a way that is instructive. Like her, we face a situation that it would be very easy to withdraw from. She, too, lived in a time of immigration, economic turmoil, fraught borders, gang violence, and epic war.Continue reading “Katharine Drexel: the American missionary”

The Fashioned Self by Catherine Addington | First Things

Too often, events like Fashion Week encourage women to see themselves as Marie Antoinettes or as Marie Leszczynskas. One is either a self-celebratory creative or a liberated emblem of modesty (or, conversely, a self-absorbed airhead versus an ugly prude). There is rarely any space for a makeup-wearing, fashion-forward woman who also embraces the importance ofContinue reading “The Fashioned Self by Catherine Addington | First Things”

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