Cartas de América #19: we have got to write better hagiographies

It is necessary to tell stories about powerful men getting erotic satisfaction out of domination and violence being on the wrong side of God. It is good to shout that their victims are the holy ones. It is essential for the moral credibility of the Church to grasp these dynamics in the past if weContinue reading “Cartas de América #19: we have got to write better hagiographies”

on the feast of Saint Lucy

She rejected a man and he had her killed. The year was 304. She was twenty years old. This is all we know. This is all we know, but there are stories. He was her mother’s choice; they needed the money. She fled to the tomb of another girl who had been killed for rejectingContinue reading “on the feast of Saint Lucy”

Sexual Abuse Allegations Rock YouTube Community

The events of the past few days have sparked a conversation about consent, healthy fan-creator relationships, and online safety in the YouTube community. Online microcelebrity is hard to monitor: it involves relatively tight-knit and virtual communities that connect individuals to one another with very little outside intervention. YouTube is an intimate, informal format that fostersContinue reading “Sexual Abuse Allegations Rock YouTube Community”

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