Cristiane Sobral, “I Won’t Wash the Dishes Anymore”

I won’t wash the dishes anymore Or dust the furniture I’m sorry I’ve begun to read The other day I opened a book and a week later I decided I won’t carry the trash out to the trash bin Or clean up the mess of leaves falling in the yard I’m sorry After reading IContinue reading “Cristiane Sobral, “I Won’t Wash the Dishes Anymore””

Cartas de América #12: thoughts from the roof of the Trocadero Hotel

On October 19, 1901, Alberto Santos=Dumont (he was fond of using an equals sign, not a hyphen, to honor his Brazilian and French heritage equally) climbed to the roof of the Trocadero Hotel. He’d only been flying for nine minutes when he made it to the Eiffel Tower, suspended in glory by hydrogen gas andContinue reading “Cartas de América #12: thoughts from the roof of the Trocadero Hotel”

Brazil’s Little Platoons

The Brazilian state may be falling apart, but the favelas are the only communities that know how to survive without it. I’m at TAC recounting the history of favela policies in Rio de Janeiro and exploring the future of city’s poorest residents after the Olympic cameras are turned off. Brazil’s Little Platoons

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