Como atrapar al universo en una telaraña

Tomás Saraceno’s Como atrapar al universo en una telaraña installed the world’s largest spider web in the second floor of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. And it’s breathtaking. Literally, they tell you when you enter que es prohibido soplar. The delicate silk threads are separated from museumgoers by courtesy alone. It’s vivifying,Continue reading “Como atrapar al universo en una telaraña”

Save the People

When wilt thou save the people? O God of mercy, when? Not kings and lords, but nations! Not thrones and crowns, but men! Flowers of thy heart, O God, are they; Let them not pass, like weeds, away, Their heritage a sunless day. God save the people! Shall crime bring crime for ever, Strength aidingContinue reading “Save the People”

23 thoughts for 23 years

Well, #BlogEveryDayinArgentina went bust. But that’s alright. Habit-forming isn’t streak-keeping, it’s going back to work after a day of rest. When I set out to form habits, it’s always something discipline-oriented. Do Duolingo every day. Do yoga every night. Swipe it off my to-do list app and feel like a machine. But I’m not aContinue reading “23 thoughts for 23 years”

on Beyoncé and Maradona

When Beyoncé donned her glorious Madonna/Lady Liberty/Oshun/Yemoja-inspired attire, my first thought was actually of this:  David Diehl (Truly, she is all things to all people.) A little context. It is hard to overstate how beloved Diego Armando Maradona was in Naples circa 1987. He was the local soccer club’s star striker, even more brilliant atContinue reading “on Beyoncé and Maradona”


we teach the future and the conditional together;this is a fatal mistake. they have shared irregular’s supposed to make it easier to learn(like it’s easier to memorize countries alphabetically,but this does not teach you geography). but of course, there is no way to make this easy:either you have a future or you know whatContinue reading “future-in-the-past”

teach us how to pray

There’s a mouth-guard shortage in the city of Charlottesville. I know this because my dentist said the wear and tear on my jaw was evident but not detrimental, but if I were interested in a night guard, please put in your order sooner rather than later since it won’t be ready until next semester, theContinue reading “teach us how to pray”

self-preservation is craft

Self-preservation is not instinct to me. It is craft. When I make seventy-five pierogi at once it says your sustenance is worth dedicating five hours to. It says here, you don’t have to find strength to cook dinner for the next two weeks. It says you are worth preserving. Even if it is the littlest,Continue reading “self-preservation is craft”

creativity metaphysics on Doughty Street

London is such a compost pile of history that it is not particularly impressive to say a thing like I used to be neighbors with Charles Dickens, because who isn’t somebody’s neighbor in London, and who isn’t somebody’s neighbor anywhere, anyway? But when I lived a few blocks from that little house-museum, I lived anContinue reading “creativity metaphysics on Doughty Street”

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