“imitate the bee”

Do not act like the spider, who represents the proud; but imitate the bee, who is the symbol of the humble soul. The spider spins its web where everyone can see it, and never in secret. It spins in orchards, going from tree to tree, in houses, on windows, on floors—in short, before the eyesContinue reading ““imitate the bee””

I’m starting to think monarch butterflies are my bees.

The Secret Life of Bees is one of few books that my mom, sisters, and I all really love. We don’t often read the same things. My mom and I overlap quite a bit—Jane Austen, Louise Erdrich, Emily St. John Mandel—but this book managed to get at us all. It’s hard not to love that bookContinue reading “I’m starting to think monarch butterflies are my bees.”

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