Retablo for the Pandemic

ithankthevirgin: Holy Trinity! Divine Providence! I humbly ask you, with this retablo, to find the cure for the COVID-19 and therefore stop this terrible pandemic that affected the entire world. I ask you for health to all the people sick with this virus and for eternal peace to those who died. 2020 retablo by GonzaloContinue reading “Retablo for the Pandemic”

El Conquistadork

El Conquistadork Michael Arcega, 2004 A Manila galleon made primarily of Manila file folders was successfully sailed by the artist in Tomales Bay, California to commemorate the famed trade route of 1565 through 1815 between Mexico City, Manila, and California. Based on one of the first intercontinental trade routes, the performance and installation is aContinue reading “El Conquistadork”

A new icon of Blessed Laura Vicuña

bagelsaremyfriends-deactivated2: A commission of Blessed Laura Vicuña for @catherineaddington! This posed an interesting challenge but I am sataisfied with the results. I recommend reading her story—she was a very inspiring girl who I hope makes it to canonization! I am so grateful for @baglette’s beautiful portrait of Bl. Laura, who has become one of myContinue reading “A new icon of Blessed Laura Vicuña”

Saint Margaret of Cortona

Saint Margaret of Cortona artist unknown (if you own this image or can find the source, contact me!) I recently used Jen Fulwiler’s Saint’s Name Generator to find a patron saint for the coming year. (I last did this in 2017, when I met the wonderful Bl. Sára Salkaházi.) For 2019, providence and the algorithmContinue reading “Saint Margaret of Cortona”

Artemisia Gentileschi as Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Self-Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria, c. 1615–1617 Artemisia Gentileschi National Gallery, London Her eyes look away, as if thinking of a painful memory, yet there is a calm in her monumental pose. She’s got the strong, muscular arms Artemisia always gave the women in her paintings and as she ponders the past, the fingersContinue reading “Artemisia Gentileschi as Saint Catherine of Alexandria”

veni, sponsa Christi

Veni sponsa Christi, accipe coronam quam tibi Dominus praeparavit in aeternum pro cujus amore sanguinem tuum fudisti et cum Angelis in paradisum introisti. Veni, electa mea, et ponam in te thronum meum quia concupivit Rex speciem tuam. Come, bride of Christ, receive the crown which the Lord has prepared for you for all eternity; forContinue reading “veni, sponsa Christi”

Como atrapar al universo en una telaraña

Tomás Saraceno’s Como atrapar al universo en una telaraña installed the world’s largest spider web in the second floor of the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. And it’s breathtaking. Literally, they tell you when you enter que es prohibido soplar. The delicate silk threads are separated from museumgoers by courtesy alone. It’s vivifying,Continue reading “Como atrapar al universo en una telaraña”

Christ is green with the trees

St Thomas Aquinas Church, Charlottesville, VA photo by Sharon / Musings of a Catholic Mom The stained-glass Christ Crucified in our sanctuary uses transparent glass for His body. I thought it may have been on purpose, but it seems from older pictures and certain times of day that the peachy color has faded. (Which, incidentally,Continue reading “Christ is green with the trees”

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