liturgical syntax errors

At the Hirshhorn that afternoon I touched my hands to glowing glass sensors that converted my pulse into ripples across a shallow pool. Soft blue lighting turned these streams into a play of light across the wall, interrupted or completed by the silhouettes of passing museumgoers. It’s impossible to know how much of the lightContinue reading “liturgical syntax errors”

praying with anxiety

One of the spiritual benefits of an anxiety disorder is that “pray without ceasing” actually seems kind of doable. You just have to trick yourself into it. If you have a brain like mine you know it’s really loud in here. There’s just constant chatter. This is generally characterized as an “internal monologue,” but like manyContinue reading “praying with anxiety”

teach us how to pray

There’s a mouth-guard shortage in the city of Charlottesville. I know this because my dentist said the wear and tear on my jaw was evident but not detrimental, but if I were interested in a night guard, please put in your order sooner rather than later since it won’t be ready until next semester, theContinue reading “teach us how to pray”


When social-media star Essena O’Neill deleted all her accounts this week, she made an ironic splash. She re-edited captions on her Instagram posts: a bikini shot on the beach was now about starvation and obsession, a casual pose by the pool was about how she was paid to wear that dress. She made a videoContinue reading “lorica”

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