Cartas de América #16: five lessons from grad school

Two (academic) years ago, I was given a list of books and told to prepare for a week of written exams followed by an oral exam sometime in spring 2018. In the meantime, I was tasked with passing 10 classes, teaching 6 others, writing a mess of term papers and projects, and attempting to buildContinue reading “Cartas de América #16: five lessons from grad school”

Writing in Public (on Purpose) at W&L | Scholars— Lab

You know how sometimes a friend will comment on an old profile picture on Facebook so that it’s at the top of everyone’s news feed and suddenly all your college friends know what you looked like when you were 14 and a mess? Well, having had a blog and a public Twitter since I wasContinue reading “Writing in Public (on Purpose) at W&L | Scholars— Lab”

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