Catholic priests don’t wear suits to Mass. So why so many tuxedos at the Met Gala?

kritischetheologie: glintglimmergleam: @ceeturnalia @ameliasscanwells this gal went OFF and i love it whole thread here @catherineaddington the wires are crossing! Hah, thanks y’all! I wrote up my tweetstorm for America Magazine today: This is a culture that buries bones in its altars, builds chapels out of skulls and carries the broken yet whole body of ChristContinue reading “Catholic priests don’t wear suits to Mass. So why so many tuxedos at the Met Gala?”

Cartas de América #13: A Short History of “Latin America”

I got my undergraduate degree in Latin American Studies, but I always lie about it. I usually call it Latin American history or languages or sociology or religion or any other number of things it wasn’t. I find my discomfort with my career productive. To admit I study a completely made-up thing is to recognizeContinue reading “Cartas de América #13: A Short History of “Latin America””

Writing in Public (on Purpose) at W&L | Scholars— Lab

You know how sometimes a friend will comment on an old profile picture on Facebook so that it’s at the top of everyone’s news feed and suddenly all your college friends know what you looked like when you were 14 and a mess? Well, having had a blog and a public Twitter since I wasContinue reading “Writing in Public (on Purpose) at W&L | Scholars— Lab”

Cartas de América #10: a dispatch from my twelve-year-old self

One summer when I was twelve I went to nerd camp in México. There were soccer games and awkward dances and from what I remember, there was a lot of rain, too. I was taking intro to archaeology at Universidad de las Américas Puebla (not to be confused with that other School of the Americas).Continue reading “Cartas de América #10: a dispatch from my twelve-year-old self”

Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds

I was honored to contribute to this anthology out today from Cascade Books (paperback / Kindle). What I love about this anthology is what it’s not: it’s not a how-to manual, a polemic meant to shame your longing for justice away, an apology for abusers, or an exploitative collection of scandals. It’s just stories of peopleContinue reading “Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds”

Cartas de América #8: in which even my Latin America newsletter is about Virginia

I didn’t want to take a deep dive into history or current events this time. I just wanted to celebrate that little corner of América today. RFK Stadium when Jaime Moreno was everybody’s hero. The Wafle Shop spelled just like that. Four Mile Run where you don’t need a goddamn permit to play soccer. BilingualContinue reading “Cartas de América #8: in which even my Latin America newsletter is about Virginia”

on the feast of Saint Lucy

She rejected a man and he had her killed. The year was 304. She was twenty years old. This is all we know. This is all we know, but there are stories. He was her mother’s choice; they needed the money. She fled to the tomb of another girl who had been killed for rejectingContinue reading “on the feast of Saint Lucy”

Episode 26: Sportsball feat. Catherine Addington & Sergio Bermudez

In the second part of our conversation with Weyward Podcast, we get into the ethics of sports “solidarity” in dictatorship conditions, why everybody lost their mind when Messi got tattoos, and more. Special feature: I go on a tangent about how marginalized people love the Eucharist that is basically an ad placement for Eve Tushnet atContinue reading “Episode 26: Sportsball feat. Catherine Addington & Sergio Bermudez”

veni, sponsa Christi

Veni sponsa Christi, accipe coronam quam tibi Dominus praeparavit in aeternum pro cujus amore sanguinem tuum fudisti et cum Angelis in paradisum introisti. Veni, electa mea, et ponam in te thronum meum quia concupivit Rex speciem tuam. Come, bride of Christ, receive the crown which the Lord has prepared for you for all eternity; forContinue reading “veni, sponsa Christi”

É só trabalho/It’s just work [PT/ENG] – mandajobs #5

Academia conceives of itself as a vocation and articulates itself as an identity:—“What do you do?”—“I’m an academic.” “I’m a professor.” All nouns, never verbs. Imagine this instead:—“What do you do?”—“I teach and I write.”  Better, no?  Americans, in particular, are known for our ridiculous relationship with work. That infamous “Protestant work ethic” mixes withContinue reading “É só trabalho/It’s just work [PT/ENG] – mandajobs #5”

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