Best of 2018

To close out the year, here are some of the things I most enjoyed in 2018! (Find previous years here.)



Film & TV

  • Capitu directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho
  • Annihilation directed by Alex Garland
  • Gran Hotel created by Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, & Carlos Sedes
  • Call the Midwife created by Heidi Thomas
  • Sorry to Bother You directed by Boots Riley
  • Bonus: they belonged culturally to last year, but I watched Lady Bird directed by Greta Gerwig and The Shape of Water directed by Guillermo del Toro back in January and loved both.




Things I made

Moments I had

  • After two years of studying, I passed my M.A. comprehensive exams!
  • I had my first radio appearance.
  • I graduated.
  • I got mentioned in the New York Times, which I will go ahead and admit was totally a bucket list item.
  • I got to show my sister around Barcelona and Madrid!
  • I taught a course of my own design (more or less) for the first time, which was incredibly fun. Shout out to my summer SPAN 1020 students!!
  • I passed my Catalan reading exam, which believe it or not, I’ve been working slowly toward for eight years.
  • I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time.

Published by Catherine Addington

I am a translator from Spanish to English and a writer on saints, myths, and icons in both religious and secular contexts.

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