Writing in Public (on Purpose) at W&L | Scholars— Lab

You know how sometimes a friend will comment on an old profile picture on Facebook so that it’s at the top of everyone’s news feed and suddenly all your college friends know what you looked like when you were 14 and a mess? Well, having had a blog and a public Twitter since I was in high school is like that, but in public, and your employer is invited. I have more embarrassing tweets and angsty tumblr posts out there than I could ever take back. That may not be the case for you, but if it is, I have some advice.

I gave a guest lecture in an undergraduate writing class at Washington & Lee University today. Come for the ancient Tumblr screenshots, stay for the life coaching.

Writing in Public (on Purpose) at W&L | Scholars— Lab

Published by Catherine Addington

I am a translator from Spanish to English and a writer on saints, myths, and icons in both religious and secular contexts.

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