É só trabalho/It’s just work [PT/ENG] – mandajobs #5

Academia conceives of itself as a vocation and articulates itself as an identity:
—“What do you do?”
—“I’m an academic.” “I’m a professor.”

All nouns, never verbs.

Imagine this instead:
—“What do you do?”
—“I teach and I write.” 

Better, no? 

Americans, in particular, are known for our ridiculous relationship with work. That infamous “Protestant work ethic” mixes with all the regular horrors of late capitalism to create the illusion that this sort of thing is normal. But something interesting is happening with us millennials. As a generation, we’re having a very obvious, completely revolutionary thought: it’s just work. It’s just marketing your labor. It’s not your identity, it’s not your life, it’s just work.

I adopted this attitude when I realized, somewhere near the end of my undergraduate career, that I was never going to be “caught up.” There is no life equivalent of inbox zero. There will always be more to do. This work ethic will grow to fill the space you give it, so don’t give it everything.

—“It’s just work,” or how to survive grad school (or any other totalizing job), my contribution to the MandaJobs newsletter about millennials and work. (Click through above to read in Portuguese and English!)

É só trabalho/It’s just work [PT/ENG] – mandajobs #5

Published by Catherine Addington

I am a translator from Spanish to English and a writer on saints, myths, and icons in both religious and secular contexts.

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