notes from bible study

garden of eden as space, as divine architecture
this tree is not an evil temptation tree, it’s a sacred site
it is a physical site of contact between God’s law and man’s earth
it is beautiful, it is creation, it is God’s, of course it is beautiful
you don’t eat of it because it is not yours, it is God’s
creation does not exist to serve you
it exists to give glory to God
it is to be respected
love is a choice and respect is part of that
you took what was not yours
this is your sin
greed as much as pride

God walking in the garden
what did this look like
what did this sound like
was this in here the last time I read this
what is this Incarnation
is Christ walking in the garden of Eden
are they surprised that God is man
are they surprised God looks like them
did they know that
or is it a poetic description
the sound of God walking in the garden is wind and breath and whisper
they have never heard this before
the garden was always still before
they have changed the world
it moves now
is that sin
is this why we have hurricanes

why does Adam not go out to protect the garden from this invader
does he know it is God
is it all shame or is it a little fear

how could Adam and Eve have perfect knowledge of God and yet not trust his decisions
the dramatic irony of reading the book of Genesis is completely intolerable
does God suffer from this dramatic irony as well

what did the serpent look like before he was made to crawl
is this evolutionarily correct
or is it like the axolotl, it went backwards in its development
did it look like a dragon before
is that why we’re so weird about them
how does the serpent know to be mischievous
whence this agency
is the serpent in his original innocence
I am relieved that this is metaphor because I cannot figure it

Published by Catherine Addington

I am a translator from Spanish to English and a writer on saints, myths, and icons in both religious and secular contexts.

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