Happy New Year

I still think in school years, so I often feel like I’m forcing myself to take account of all that’s happened this time of year. It’s the middle of the year, what’s with the fireworks?

Still, listening to everybody else ruminate it’s hard not to start thinking back for yourself. I had a remarkable year. I started it where I’m ending it, alongside old friends watching fireworks over the river in the freezing cold. I was received into the Orthodox Church this year. I finished out my hardest semester ever, taking Quechua and Portuguese and math and science and the beginnings of my Latin American Studies major all the while applying for jobs and reporting regularly for NYU Local. I moved from New York back home to DC, and spent a most instructive summer at The American Conservative. It was my breakout year as a writer, both here and there, and I met a lot of wonderful people along the way. I moved to Buenos Aires, realized I’m finally fluent in Spanish, and fell in love with the end of the world. I left behind old wounds, and I got some new ones. I came back home, became my sister’s bridesmaid, and realized suddenly I’m a college senior with only one semester left to figure out where to go next.

That’s a lot for just one year. I won’t remember it that way. My life is made up of places, not time periods: New York of stress and grace, DC of accomplishment and rootedness, Buenos Aires of adventure. 2014 is a nonentity, but these things meant a great deal to me.

2015 as my graduation year should be the go-round where I start thinking in calendar terms. We’ll see. I can’t think past pizza and cider and fireworks and the river. Cheers, and happy new year to those of you who need a fresh start. Happier still to those who know we have to work for them.

Published by Catherine Addington

I am a translator from Spanish to English and a writer on saints, myths, and icons in both religious and secular contexts.

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